Let's take the next step towards creating your community's dream sports facility.

Perhaps you've browsed through our website, read our getting started guides, or found us on social media. What's the next step?

You're ready for a call with our client engagement team if:

  • You represent a public entity or are a community leader 
  • You have partners, investors, or stakeholders who share your vision
  • You have acquired land or have access to capital (10% of project cost) to invest in the project
  • You are already under construction or already own a facility

You're ready to sign up for our next webinar or educational emails if:

  • You're just beginning the process and are an individual constituent 
  • You are researching how to make your dream project real
  • You have not yet secured land, outside investment, or partners for your project

During your 15-30 minute discovery call with a member of our team (yes, we're real! Check us out below) you'll have the opportunity to share as much about your project with us as you'd like. The goal of the call is for our team to understand at which stage your project is in and identify potential ways we can help you achieve your definition of success.

This is not a sales pitch and there is no obligation. If the time isn't right, we'll be happy to offer some guidance and stay in touch as the project progresses.


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